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1060 Research Weekly Newsletter

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Peter Rodgers, CEO of 1060 Research, publishes a weekly newsletter that includes interesting comments about Resource Oriented Computing. This page contains an index to these newsletters, a brief summary and, if I have thoughts about the newsletter, a link to a page with my comments.

Date Summary Volume Issue
March 11, 2011 Sometimes Peter Rodgers hits a home run with his newsletter. This week he covered several topics that I found really interesting. First, he announced a new SSH Client Library module which I first worked on for a client in a consulting engagement. Next he talks about the new TransientFileRepresentation which leads to a very simple implementation of support for the SSH transfer of arbitrarily large files. Finally, he provides an excellent discussion about how to think about the ROC architecture of a system and divide the work into teams. 2 20
March 4, 2011 Transactional overlays – introducing the new SQL Transactional overlay and a general discussion about implementing your own. 2 19
February 25, 2011 More about Shakespeare and infinite monkeys. 2 18
February 18, 2011 Infinite monkeys. 2 17
February 11, 2011 Negotiated HTTP Cache Consistency. 2 16
February 4, 2011 Several interesting topics – Asynchronous transports, dealing with corporate firewalls and Apposite, IP6 support and the stability of ROC solutions. 2 15
January 28, 2011 Advanced HTTP Handlers, Asynchronous HTTP Handler, SOAP client enhancements, HTTP Client review, XML Serializer and ROC resource and solution stability. 2 14
January 21, 2011 Brian Sletten’s article about why he uses NetKernel and an update on NetKernel performance testing. 2 13
January 14, 2011 A discussion about the NetKernel Portal Framework. 2 12
January 7, 2011 A discussion about Transport scope confirming that the space in which a transport is declared is the top of the super-stack. It was motivated by a problem ticket describing a transport, declared within a mapper-wrapped space, unable to request its configuration resource. 2 11
December 24, 2010 A year-end summary issue that looks back over the last series of articles and looks forward to the future of ROC. Peter uses a metaphor of bridge building technology to explain the difference between traditional framework and code-centric thinking and an ROC way of thinking for building information systems. 2 10
December 17, 2010 The fifth article about ROC and languages looks at functions and set processing. 2 9
December 10, 2010 The fourth article about ROC and languages examines what code and functions are all about. 2 8
December  3, 2010 The third article about ROC and languages focuses on arguments – Pass-by-Value, Pass-by-Reference and Pass-by-Request. 2 7
November 26, 2010 HTML 5 introduces Web Sockets. While they are not RESTful, they do work well with the Resource Oriented Abstraction supported by NetKernel, as demonstrated by downloadable demos. 2 6
November 19, 2010 The second article on ROC and languages looks at imports and extrinsic functions. 2 5
November 12, 2010 The first article on ROC and languages. 2 4
November 5, 2010 This week there is no commentary on ROC. 2 3
October 29, 2010 An exploration of state balancing and ROC level request routing. 2 2
October 22, 2010 On State and consistency. Golden Thread pattern 2 1

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December 20, 2010 at 5:00 pm

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